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Water with a conscience

Zero plastic. Zero waste. Zero unnecessary transport.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re a 1% For The Planet partner too, donating 1% of our revenue into water-related projects in which country we are present. We provide a little helping hand to local water projects run by passionate professionals striving for just the kind of environmental revolution we support. An eco-friendly philosophy lies at the very core of what we do, and we plan on keeping it that way.

As firm believers in the importance of protecting our oceans and forests, helping build a more sustainable future, and working together to tackle climate change, BE WTR offers up a solution to six of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We’re actively seeking Certified B Corp status as part of our unwavering commitment to meeting the highest of environmental standards, and ensuring total transparency and accountability: as clean and clear as our water in our quest to strike a balance between profit and purpose.

Who we support through 1% for the planet

  • In Sweden we collaborate with the fantastic Initiativ Utö, which restores the marine environment in the Baltic Sea.

  • BE WTR - Green Kayak

    In Denmark we are committed to Green Kayak, an environmental NGO with the aim to reduce the amount of waste in the aquatic environment.

  • BE WTR - John Nurmisen foundation

    In Finland we have partnered up with the John Nurmisen Foundation, which protect the baltic sea.

Be the change

Taking action for your body

Switching to an innovative approach to hydration while incorporating planet-friendly technology and design – that’s the BE WTR philosophy. Working out of Lausanne, our engineers collaborate with nutritionists, water experts, sommeliers, and designers to elevate water and treat you and the planet to the best.

BE WTR inspirators

  • BE WTR - Mike Hecker Mike Hecker

    "I believe it’s on us to be the change we want to see in the world. Cutting back on single- use plastic is the smallest biggest change people can start making. And if you’re getting 100% pure, great-tasting water back in return, then what’s not to love?"

    "I’m a mountain guy at heart, and seeing the devastating effects of climate change first-hand really hit home. I’m proud to be part of a game-changing brand that’s as much a way of life as it is a product.”

  • BE WTR - Antoine Cahen Antoine Cahen

    “I’m inspired by the challenge of achieving more with less.”

    Iconic designer Antoine helped take Nespresso global, and has been integral to its success since 1988.

    His curiosity and creative streak make him passionate about simplifying the user experience while fostering new habits, with the emphasis on functional flow and technical beauty.

  • BE WTR - André Borschberg André Borschberg

    “I have a deep appreciation for BE WTR to lead the way for revitalized water in an environment-friendly manner. It is only through collective, responsible actions that we will improve health and the environment.”

    World record-beating entrepreneur, speaker and pilot André is inspired by breaking boundaries and reaching new heights. André's taste for adventure and can-do spirit fuel his desire to achieve lasting spiritual and environmental change.

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