A hassle-free bottling solution operated by us

On-site filtered, still and sparkling, sealed bottled water for all areas of your hotel or public venues.

Already adopted by top hotel chains.

«Our sustainability journey continues as we move to the next phase of the BE WTR project, we remain committed to go single-use plastic free by the end of 2023. Today we reach a significant milestone as we unveil the BiG 1500 which will service the whole of Destination Mina Seyahi. The bespoke bottling plant has been designed to provide all our guests, across rooms and restaurants, with fresh, filtered, bottle-on-site, still and sparking water. By removing 1,500,000 plastic bottles from our operation annually we are protecting the environment, reinforcing our social values and practicing sustainable tourism, supporting both Dubai Can and the Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) initiative.»

Tolga Lacin, Area General Manager, Marriott International

Tailored bottling solutions to fullfill your needs

BE WTR provides great-tasting water filtered on-site thanks to BiG bottling solutions in a stylish design bottle. Capturing the essence of the water industry, BE WTR is also embodying a strong commitment to sustainability by helping hotels to switch from single-use plastic & glass bottles.

No plastic, no transport, no capex

Operated by BE WTR, the BiG state-of-the-art bottling facilities produce up to 1500 bottles per hour of locally sourced, filtered water. These reusable glass bottles are not only designed for aesthetics but also for optimal hygiene and shelf life (up to 12 months).

Discover our automatic bottling solution

BiG 1500 is a fully automated bottling system operated by us for large venue hotels. We filter and seal your local water with the most adapted and technological filtration system (regardless of your region and its water quality). We provide your customers with a premium and sustainable water brand in-room, at your restaurant or at your pool!

A circular bottling solution

+1 500 000 plastic bottles saved, representing a saving of more than
1000 tons of CO2 each year.

Example for Mina Seyahi Complex, UAE

Be proud to serve sustainable, premium circular water to your guests. Water with a minimum carbon footprint, but maximum pleasure for your customers!

A premium water brand

We seal your local water in premium and reusable circular glass or stainless-steel bottles, while ensuring the highest hygiene and quality norms.

Totally circular & reusable bottles.

Shelf life of up to 12 months

Our secret? A hygienic design bottle that is filled and sealed with a cap thanks to our unique automatic bottling line.

Glass or stainless-steel bottle with aluminum cap for still and sparkling water.



  • The perfect replacement for your in-room and conference room plastic bottles, BE WTR reusable glass bottles known as “BTTL CAP” are made in Italy. Designed with a bigger neck for optimal filling and cleaning, these bottles come with dedicated recyclable aluminum caps for still or sparkling water. Capacities: 50cl & 75cl

  • The first bottle that combines the lightness and robustness of stainless steel and the convenience of a capsule lid and a screw lid (once opened), along with a customizable strap (available in 4 colors) for easy carrying. Capacity: 75cl.


Customised accessories

Paper caps

Protect water from dust with our customizable paper caps.

Flex BTTL strap

Cobrand the FLEX BTTL strap with your hotel logo!

Excellence in hygiene & quality

To ensure hygiene and service excellence, we partner with industry leaders such as Diversey and R.Bardi, offering bottling solutions that meet the HACCP plan in accordance with the European Hygiene Regulation. With Diversey, BE WTR’s become best-in-class in terms of hygiene protocols, products, and inspections.

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