Your water speaks volumes

Imagine water as the starting point for a story - the story of your region

From rivers and streams to entire oceans, water shapes the surrounding landscape and whole communities along with it. Stocking and channelling it, fording it and damming it, while harnessing its powers: from Ancient Greece to the present day, water has been at the epicentre of town planning and cultural shifts since the beginning of time, with entire communities and cultures rising up around it.

Behind every city lies the story of its water

From mighty mountaintop glaciers and cool deep lakes to gushing rivers and streams. From the steady dripping of water filtered through ancient rock to the depths of underground reservoirs. From crystalline snowmelt to evaporation from our seas and oceans, your water has a past and present – just the way you do. Embrace your water’s own unique flavour and raise a glass to the history and heritage of your region. Be proud of your local water and the tale it has to tell – while becoming part of the story.

Your local water has its unique story and unique taste.

A taste you are born with or get accustomed to. A taste you enjoy and a taste with a heritage. BE WTR wants you to cherish your water & heritage, bringing you a complete water system that will make you drink lots of your local water with the optimal safety (no micro particles, pollutants…) and maximum pleasure. Fresh, chilled still & sparkling water.

Where does my water come from?

And the last mile?

BE WTR is your in-house alter quality gate keeper, ensuring that the last mile doesn’t affect your tap. Everyone likes their tap water. Water is seen as a local heritage with connection to local roots or place of life. At the same time, public water pipes do not reach individual taps, simply because the last meters of water pipes are usually private.

A powerful filter

How does our professional water filter work? Regardless of the incoming water quality, the filtration technology provides great tasting water with outstanding and consistent quality. Let’s see how it works.


Thought water was just liquid H2O? Think again. Water is key to upping your game and being the very best version of yourself by keeping dehydration and its symptoms at bay: problems focusing, memory loss, fatigue, and mood swings, to name but a few. Think of water as the turbo-charged power supply that keeps you up and running. And when we say water, we mean water. Not juice - not sugar. Not milk. Pure, fresh water in its natural state.