We are at least 65% water

For our own well-being in our active and ever-changing world, we need to stay hydrated, meaning consuming ideally 2 liters of water per day. Which in turn helps us maintain a positive, balanced and active lifestyle.

BE WTR uses the resource that most of us already have – tap water – which is then improved using BRITA® filters and delivered in smartly designed BRITA® dispensers. BE WTR wants you to BE. BE healthy, BE hydrated, BE responsible by avoiding plastic or glass bottles and the extensive transportation stressing our environment.

About us

We are a purpose driven team realizing that we must bring more sustainable consumption alternatives to bottled water, and lead the movement towards responsible, abundant water consumption. A better water for you and the environment.

Our Story

“A more sustainable water consumption,
a 20-year passion and journey”. 


Starting when I co-founded Eden Springs Europe in 1996 to develop a network of source waters across Europe, delivered in 19 liters bottles that could be refilled – at least 50 times thus saving plastic and resources.

After exiting Eden Springs, I wanted to develop an even more sustainable water solutions and after many years of research and getting more aware of the resource scarcity our planet has, I decided to focus on how we can use tap water but improve its quality, taste and consumption experience.

In 2016, I bought an established Swedish company – Vattentornet AB – that has been supplying water dispensers in Sweden since the early 2000’s. When I met the company suppliers, I was surprised to find a known company – BRITA® – one of the world leaders in water filters and filtration technology.

Wanting to collaborate on a R&D project to improve tap water, I connected with BRITA® and that’s where a wonderful partnership and friendship started. We immediately connected on powering the BE WTR concept to the Nordic markets with BRITA® expertise on water filtration and design dispensers. Great tasting tap water, better for you and the environment.

Our journey is not just providing a great product and service, but encouraging a movement away from waste and towards more responsible consumption and of helping our communities with water related projects. Above all our journey is of a committed, engaged people wanting to make a difference, sharing common values of being responsible, engaged, bold and innovative.

Excited and blessed to be on this important journey with such an amazing team.

Mike Hecker
Founder of BE WTR

Better for you and the environment - great tasting water from 0 /day.

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