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How to use BE CONNECT web app?

Join us as we delve into the BE CONNECT webapp: features, functionalities, and user-friendly interface, designed to seamlessly connect you with the digital world.

Can I adjust the temperature?

When the system is installed, the temperature can be adjusted slightly. However for optimal sparkling water quality, the temperature should be below 9 degrees.

What is included in the price?

All subscription contracts include everything, from installation, to servicing and maintenance once or twice a year. All purchase contracts, include servicing and maintenance during the first year after which a monthly fee is charged.
For purchase contracts, the servicing is offered in first year after which a monthly fee is charged. Contact us

Can I have only the sparkling and still water without having the filter?

Our systems are created to dispense both still and sparkling water.

How much of sparkling water does 1 bottle of gas provide?

Depending on the local supplier (size of the gas bottle), it’s around 400 L for at home solutions and 1,200 L for offices and restaurants.

Is BE WTR compatible with a water softener?

Yes our systems are compatible with a water softener systems.

Do I need to purge the system ?

Yes, you will need to purge your system after more than 1 day without usage.

How often do I need to purge the system?

You will need to purge your system if you have not used it for 24 hours.

How do I purge my system?

To purge your system, make sure you to dispense at least 1L of still water and then 1L of sparkling water. Then it is ready to be used!

Is BE WTR AQTiV available in different colours?

Not yet, if you are interested in receiving new about BE WTR, please subscribe here.

Do you still need help?

For any questions or queries contact our customer service by using our Contact Form or call us on our hotline +41 21 624 23 34



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