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Welcome to local tap water with a difference. Forget plastic and water shipped from the other side of the world. Water that’s kind on the planet and big on pleasure. Water with meaning, water with style. Water that changes the world drop by drop, with financial support poured into environmental protection. Water as unique as you are.

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In each country we support fantastic local projects by donating 1% of our revenue to “1% for the planet”.

We provide financial support for water-related projects by pouring 1% of our revenue into each project. Our teams contribute and provide help, working in the projects. An eco-friendly philosophy that lies at the very core of everything that we do.

race for oceans

In Denmark, we support Race for Oceans, which aims to shine a light on Life Below Water (UN Sustainable Development Goal #14) including the growing problem of plastic pollution. The project creates greater synergies between sports, beach clean-ups, and knowledge. For example, In 2019 the first Race for Oceans relay was run – a 10-day sports event along 456 km of coastline.

In Sweden, we collaborate with the fantastic Initiativ Utö, working to restore the marine environment in the Baltic Sea.

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In Switzerland, the “Rivière de Biodiversité” project run by One Nature Foundation is restoring a local river in Lully, helping Nature to reassert its rights over humans.

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In France, we have partnered with the endowment fund ‘Forêt et Faune Sauvage’ to support the future of life in the Rambouillet ponds. The project aims to protect the endangered salamanders, amphibians that are crucial for maintaining the balance of the entire ecosystem. Learn more.

BE WTR is about better hydration, innovative solutions while protecting the planet for future generations. We must push ourselves further, measure more, set higher ambitions for progress, and hold ourselves accountable for our shortcomings. In essence, we need to improve. We commit to transparency throughout our journey. Learn more in our Sustainability Report 2023. 


We are deeply committed to safeguarding our oceans and forests, championing a sustainable future, and collectively addressing climate change. In line with these commitments, BE WTR’s initiatives contribute to 9 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The BCORP certification is a designation that a business is meeting high environmental standards and ensure total transparency and accountability.
In our quest to strike a balance between profit and purpose, we are finalizing the process to be fully certified:

  • We are committed to make a significant contribution to the preservation of the planet’s resources by dramatically reducing carbon footprint, plastic use, and waste generation.
  • We are also engaged in contributing to the development of projects related to water through charitable donations and investment in the community such as 1% For The Planet and other independent organizations.
  • We are committed to set and maintain high standards of employment namely in terms of health, safety, engagement, and satisfaction for every employee.


BE WTR - Antoine Cahen
BE WTR - André Borschberg



“I believe it’s on us to be the change we want to see in the world. Cutting back on single- use plastic is the smallest biggest change people can start making. And if you’re getting 100% pure, great-tasting water back in return, then what’s not to love?”

“I’m a mountain guy at heart, and seeing the devastating effects of climate change first-hand really hit home. I’m proud to be part of a game-changing brand that’s as much a way of life as it is a product.”



“I’m inspired by the challenge of achieving more with less.”

Iconic designer Antoine helped take Nespresso global, and has been integral to its success since 1988.

His curiosity and creative streak make him passionate about simplifying the user experience while fostering new habits, with the emphasis on functional flow and technical beauty.



“I have a deep appreciation for BE WTR to lead the way for revitalized water in an environment-friendly manner. It is only through collective, responsible actions that we will improve health and the environment.”

World record-beating entrepreneur, speaker and pilot André is inspired by breaking boundaries and reaching new heights. André’s taste for adventure and can-do spirit fuel his desire to achieve lasting spiritual and environmental change.

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