23 January 2024, 10:39 GMT

Thought water was just liquid H2O? Think again. Water is the only drink that the body needs, but for 3 out of 4 adults, water consumption is below the recommendations.

Water is key to upping your game

Be the very best version of yourself by keeping dehydration and its symptoms at bay: problems focusing, memory loss, fatigue, and mood swings, to name but a few. Think of water as the turbo-charged power supply that keeps you up and running.

Our vital organs are primarily formed of water.

The heart, for example, is made up of 79% water, whilst the brain is made up of 85% water. In terms of neurological functions, researchers have shown the impact of poor hydration on people’s health (fatigue, negative moods, attention deficit disorders…). A recent study from the University of East London found that drinking a single glass of water can increase your brain function by up to 14% (Business opportunities).

It has also an impact on people’s kidney and gastrointestinal functions (getting rid of waste, the transportation and absorption of nutrients…), weight (blood sugar regulation), body composition and skin health.

By drinking enough water, you maximize your brain performance and detoxify your body. If you want to stay properly hydrated, BE WTR recommends drinking plenty of water – not juice or fizzy drinks. And not just any water, but the best kind of water you can get your hands on.

BE WTR combines ultra-filtration and activation technologies to provide great-tasting water.

First, the BE WTR carbon active ultra-filter prepares your local tap water, filtering out impurities while enabling water’s natural minerals to pass through. The under-the-counter unit, BE Box, chills and carbonizes the water, producing on-demand chilled and sparkling water. Finally, the new, AQTiV™ range activates the water as in natural water springs.

Get those good habits going!

In the morning, make a point of going to your BE WTR system and filling up your glass or bottle, keeping it close to you throughout the day. This will help you stay hydrated without even realizing it. Researchers have shown that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So the daily goal of staying hydrated can be easily and naturally achieved. Make it a habit to always have a glass or bottle of water near you, during appointments, travel, and of course at meals. You’ll find yourself drinking more!

Tips to drink more

  • Start and finish your day with a glass of water
  • Pimp your water with slices of fresh fruits
  • Keep a refillable water bottle on-hand
  • Set a reminder or two throughout the day that simply reads – “drink some water”

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