Now you can sip BE WTR in Singapore

19 April 2024, 15:34 GMT

Just the other day we cut the ribbon to our new, SFA licensed, BE WTR BIG plant in the food zone TaiSeng, Singapore. Now Singaporeans will finally have a chance to hydrate in a local, sustainable and premium way. The buzzing scene has really been missing a circular, tasty water brand! But we are on our way to change that.

After our BIG water plants in Switzerland, France and the Middle East we now start to be quick and efficient in the construction phase. The Singaporean one took record time from finding the venue, getting all the paperwork in place, refurbishing the space and putting up the machinery to serving fresh, crisp, still and sparkling water to all the thirsty guests at the opening party.

We were delighted to share this important moment with friends, business partners, prospects and clients. Some say it means bad luck to make a toast in water, but we beg to differ. Given the fact that your heart and your brain consist of 73% water, it’s important to fill up and gulp down an extra glass whenever you can! So cin-cin.
Despite being quite new to the Singaporean market we already have prominent clients like Brasserie Astoria, Rosemead and Jaan. You might also have spotted our sleek bottles at Vogue’s gatherings or other local high-level events. Now we are busy meeting various five-star hotels and high gastronomy restaurants who of course also crave Singapore’s best possible water for their guests.

With all this demand more hands are needed. That is why we need to grow our team. Is it you or maybe someone you know? Send us an email! And the next time you go for a drink in Singapore, slip into Christina’s at Mondrian Hotel and ask for a glass of chilled, sparkling BE WTR on the rocks. Your body will thank you!

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