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Why BiG 1500?

Operated by BE WTR, the BiG 1500 state-of-the-art bottling line produces up to 1500 bottles per hour of locally sourced, filtered water. Still or sparkling, your local water is filtered with the most adapted and technological filtration system (regardless of your region and its water quality). Then we seal your local water in premium and reusable bottles for optimal hygiene and shelf life (up to 12 months).

With BE WTR, replace your single-use plastic or glass bottles in rooms, conference rooms, your restaurants, or at the pool. It is cost-efficient, sustainable, and without investment.

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Excellence in hygiene & quality

To ensure hygiene and service excellence, we partner with industry leaders such as Diversey and R.Bardi, offering bottling solutions that meet the HACCP plan in accordance with the most stringent hygiene regulations. With Diversey, BE WTR’s become best-in-class in terms of hygiene protocols, products, and inspections.

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