BE smart

Up to you if you prefer it still or sparkling.

Fresh, abundant, sustainable water consumption is essential for all of us.

That is why we came up with BE WTR, a new, great-tasting and totally sustainable water brand.

No matter if you live in Paris, Helsinki or Copenhagen. We all have a love for our local tap water, with its history, origins and taste. But we also know it is not always as fresh and pure as it could be. BE WTR upgrades your water to ensure the minerals are kept in, while all the bad stuff is filtered out.

Up to you if you prefer it still or sparkling.

We believe that maximising healthy hydration has a great positive impact on our bodies, minds and performances. You are what you drink, and we, together with our engineers, designers and suppliers make sure to offer you the best, innovative choice of water, for both you and the environment.

Because BE WTR is on the side of the environment,
we fight single-use plastic bottles.

And our products are built to last a long time. Our solution means less transport, less waste and less harm to the planet. We are on the constant outlook for how to diminish our Carbon footprint even more, and through our partnership with 1% For the Planet, we support local, water-related projects on every market.

We might be a bit different, but on the other hand – who wants to be like everybody else?
Be smart. Choose BE WTR.


Mike – CEO

Great tasting water – better for you and the environment.

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