Swiss Glaciers in Crisis: Rapid 10% Shrinkage in Just Two Years

29 September 2023, 12:08 GMT

Switzerland’s glaciers have lost a further 4% of their volume this year – the second biggest loss ever – after last year’s record melt of 6%.

Switzerland’s glaciers have faced another devastating blow, losing 4% of their volume this year, marking the second-largest loss ever recorded, following a record 6% melt the previous year. This alarming data, reported by the Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (Glamos), which monitors 176 of the country’s 1,400 glaciers, suggests that many alpine ice fields may be beyond salvation, even if climate targets are met. The rapid decline, equivalent to what was lost in the three decades between 1960 and 1990, is attributed to consecutive warm summers and low winter snowfall. Without substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, experts warn that even massive glaciers like the Aletsch could vanish within a generation, posing critical challenges for freshwater resources, agriculture, and energy in Europe.

In response to this alarming trend, companies like ours, BE WTR, are actively working to find solutions that reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming. Be WTR is taking a proactive stance, not only in preserving water resources but also in helping the main players of the HoReCa industry reduce their carbon footprint. Be WTR is encouraging businesses to switch to locally sourced and optimized water solutions, which not only reduce the need for plastic waste but also minimize the emissions generated by long-distance transport. These efforts align with the urgent need to address the root causes of glacier loss and other climate-related challenges, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction.

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