‘Most important climate deal since Paris’: UN agrees treaty to end scourge of plastic pollution

07 March 2022, 6:57 GMT

The United Nations is poised to approve a plan to create the first-ever global plastic pollution treaty, hailing the resolution as the most important multilateral climate deal since the landmark 2015 Paris accord.


  • – World leaders, ministers and other representatives from nearly 200 countries at the United Nations environment assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, agreed on Wednesday to develop a treaty designed to bring an end to the scourge of plastic pollution.
  • – The resolution, which addresses the full lifecycle of plastic, including production, design and disposal, will be developed over the next two years.
  • – Inger Andersen, executive director of the U.N. Environment Programme, described the breakthrough as “a triumph by planet earth over single-use plastics.”
Read the full report: CNBC

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