BE WTR at Hilton Garden Inn La Villette in Paris!

27 November 2023, 16:04 GMT

In an exciting new partnership, Hilton Garden Inn La Villette in Paris has united with BE WTR, showcasing the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and exceptional guest service. Samia David, the General Manager of Hilton Garden Inn La Villette, boasts over a decade of hospitality experience, starting as a sales executive at Marriott and advancing to leadership roles in boutique hotels. Her dedication to excellence and sustainability continues at Hilton.

Nestled within the Parc de Pont de Flandre, an economic center housing corporate headquarters, Hilton Garden Inn La Villette caters primarily to business travelers, with a growing leisure clientele through the Hilton Honors program, boasting a membership of 70 million worldwide.

Samia expressed her enthusiasm for partnering with BE WTR, stating, ‘The collaboration with BE WTR aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability. With impending legislation aiming for a reduction in plastic waste by 2030, it’s crucial for us to make a real impact. We have a responsibility to limit our environmental footprint, especially considering our 92-room hotel.’

Highlighting the advantages of BE WTR’s solutions, Samia emphasized, ‘Their reusable in-room water solutions perfectly fit our sustainability goals and prevent single-use plastic bottle consumption by our guests. Implementing this system right from the hotel’s opening was vital to seamlessly integrate it into our operations.’

In conclusion, Samia David strongly endorses BE WTR for its eco-responsible approach and cost-saving benefits. This partnership between Hilton Garden Inn La Villette and BE WTR underscores the growing significance of sustainability in the hospitality industry, showcasing how responsible choices can make a substantial impact while ensuring guests receive top-quality service and experiences.

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