At Sirha Lyon 2023, BE WTR presents its latest gastronomic innovation, AQTiV+ the carafe that enhances the taste of water.

19 January 2023, 8:00 GMT

The Swiss brand presents its latest technological innovation. AQTiV+, a new solution in the range, comes in the form of a carafe, combining Swiss technology and French craftsmanship. It magnifies the water, recreates its natural movement, and opens the taste buds. An unparalleled gastronomic experience to be enjoyed at Sirha Lyon 2023.

The water that opens taste buds

BE WTR, designer of sustainable and high-end Swiss solutions, expands chefs’ playground by bringing a new sensory and taste experience with its AQTiV+ bottle.

Inspired by nature, BE WTR AQTiVTM sublimates water by accelerating its movement and aerating it. Thanks to the resonator technology incorporated at the bottom of the carafe, water’s molecules are activated and accelerated by electromagnetic resonance. The result? A magnified water with a unique taste, a smooth and silky texture that opens the taste buds.

This technology allows you to enjoy local, chilled, filtered water (whether still or sparkling), opening your taste buds for a unique gustative experience.

Excellence in a carafe

Beyond the taste experience, the AQTiV+ carafe is a true piece of engineering, combining both quality and robustness. It is the perfect alliance between the traditional know-how of French master glassmakers and the latest Swiss technology.

Antoine Cahen is the designer who signed its minimalist form, designed to optimize water activation. Made of crystalline glass, a lead-free crystal, the carafe is hand-blown in the oldest art glass factory in France: La Rochère. Founded in 1475, the factory has been perpetuating the tradition of master glassmakers for over five centuries.

It is its resonator, a patented state-of-the-art technology, which allows the activation of the previously filtered and activated water of BE WTR, through the electromagnetic resonance. The process stimulates the water molecules, opens the taste buds, and thus increases the taste sensations tenfold.

Each carafe is unique, handmade, numbered and assembled in the BE WTR atelier in Switzerland.

The first gastronomic and sustainable water

In addition to opening the taste buds and enhancing the gastronomic experience, the AQTiV+ carafe combined with BE WTR water allows you to enjoy local water, filtered by the Swiss brand’s systems. It is zero plastic, zero waste and zero transport water. A sustainable water that respects the planet.

By hand-blowing the carafe in France, and by producing it under la Rochère’s conditions, we divide its carbon footprint by 10!

The fruit of 4 years of development

“I am so proud of the amazing work our teams have done to bring the new taste of water to life in the most sustainable way possible. Watching the reaction of top chefs and sommeliers as they test the AQTiV+ technology for the first time is one of the best moments of my life! I look forward to working with them on how water can contribute to the gastronomic experience.”

Mike Hecker, CEO and founder of BE WTR

The BE WTR ecosystem

AQTiV+ is part of the BE WTR trilogy. First, BE WTR’s ultrafiltration technology, combined with activated carbon, prepares the water and filters out impurities while preserving the natural minerals present in the water. Then, the Be Box, under the counter, cools and carbonates the water, producing a continuous fresh water. Finally, the new patented BE WTR AQTiVTM line inspired by Nature, enhances water by accelerating its movement and aerating it to now be magnified by the AQTiV+ technology.

AQTiV+ is the cherry on top of the BE WTR trilogy and will enhance a meal. Water is now part of the gastronomic experience!


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