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Convenient for professional environments.

  • Three types of water: chilled, still and sparkling, room temperature or hot water
  • Ultra-hygienic touch-sensitive control panel and hands-free pedal controls
  • Space-saving, easy to use and maintain
  • 35 litres per hour of cooling capacity

Technical informations

  • Types of water Chilled, still and sparkling, room temperature or hot water (option)
  • Cooling capacity 35 liters per hour
  • Chilled temperature From 2° to 11°C
  • Hot temperature 92 °C
  • Dispensing height 270 mm
  • Dispenser components Countertop, base cabinet
  • Max. Power consumption 640 W
  • Filtration technology 3-stages filtration with activated charcoal by BE WTR. Standard filter volume of 10’000 liters with options for higher volumes

How it works?


No need for major work, we install our system directly on the water supply in your space.


Our system includes ultrafiltration technology to ensure you top quality water wherever you are.


Enjoy unlimited filtered, chilled, still or sparkling water in one easy step.

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