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BE WTR wants you and your colleagues to enjoy a better water

Our water systems are easy to install, and we are here to help you along the way. In a short start up meeting we present the different models (if you haven’t already found your favourite) and highlight what to think about regarding placement and installation. We inspect the area where you want your water station, to make sure there are water pipes and electricity at hand. If drilling through the surface or countertop is needed, we help you chose the best placement.

Every six months we will come to make a service of the machine. In the service we change the filter, control the CO2 stock and replenish CO2 bottles, check connections and conduct a hygiene routine. All is included, so you can relax and stay hydrated in the best possible way!

More questions? Feel free to contact us or read more in our FAQ below.

1. What do I need to create a water station at work?

Contact us and we will help you chose the most suitable water solution for your office or restaurant. You need water pipes and electricity in the area where you want your water dispenser installed.

2. Is everything included?

Yes, everything is included when you rent from us. BE WTR dispenser and filter, CO2, service every six months and guarantee. Our beautiful bottles, who really enhance the BE WTR experience, are included in the package. Please note that for the installment some additional, third party costs can appear. Like plumbing, electricity and carpentry.

3. How long do we have to wait for technical support?

Most of the problems can be solved by phone. If we still have to come, we promise to be with you within 48 hours.

4. How much does it cost?

BE WTR costs from 4,5€/day. To get more information, please contact us.

5. Something is not working, who should I call?

You reach our customer service via online chat or by calling us on the number below.

6. How often does the filter needs to be changed?

Every six months, and it is included in our service. The filters, made out of coconut shell, are always recycled.

7. The machine is “coughing”, maybe it’s time to change the CO2?

We are happy to help you with instructions for how you change the CO2. Just call and we will explain. It is really very simple. Every six months, when we do our service, we leave an extra CO2 bottle. If you still need help, we will come out to you for a symbolic fee.

8. How do we keep the machine fresh and clean?

It is very important to keep the water dispenser hygienic.

The engineering technology of our water systems provides advanced protection and prevents the formation of germs along inner pipes.

When water systems are placed into sensitive areas, BE WTR offers dedicated solutions such as incoming water ultrafiltration with anti-germ barrier, outgoing water UV disinfection and touch-less control, bringing hygiene at the highest level.

9. You say you care about the environment, how?

At BE WTR we are proud to contribute to a sustainable future. Our water solution helps you say no to plastic bottles, transports and waste. Normally a CO2 bottle should last six months. To avoid coming more than twice a year, and increase our carbon footprint, we always leave a second bottle at your place. When we do have to drive, we always apply ECO-driving. Our technicians plan their routes to be as efficient and short as possible. The BWT filters we use are made in a sustainable way and we make sure to always recycle them. All our dispensers, filters and bottles are produced within the EU region. BE WTR supports the initiative 1% for the Planet and in each market, we are engaged in local water projects. Read more here.

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