BE WTR - Pro3 white
BE WTR - Pro3 white
BE WTR - Pro3 white
BE WTR - Pro3 black
BE WTR - Pro3 black
BE WTR - Pro3 black


Stylish and compact countertop design, available in black or white. With full service.

  • Three types of water: chilled, still and sparkling, room temperature or hot water
  • Ultra-hygienic touch-sensitive control panel and hands-free pedal controls
  • Space-saving, easy to use and maintain
  • 35 litres per hour of cooling capacity
  • Chilled still
  • Chilled sparkling

Upgrade your tap water and your hydration experience.

    • Chilled still
    • Chilled sparkling
  • A compact built-in unit that delivers a speedy throughput at constant cooling temperature.
    • Cooling technology
    • Carbonation system
    • Low energy consumption
    • Exceptional standard of hygiene
    • Active charcoal filter
    • 99,99% protection against germs and bacterias

Discover PRO 2

BE WTR - Pro 2 ambiance
BE WTR - Pro 2 ambiance
  • Types of water Chilled, still and sparkling, room temperature or hot water (option)
  • Cooling capacity 35liters per hour
  • Chilled temperature From 2° to 10°C
  • Hot temperature 92 °C
  • Dispensing height 270 mm
  • Dispenser components Countertop
  • Max. Power consumption 640 W
  • Filtration technology 3-stages filtration with activated charcoal by BE WTR. Standard filter volume of 10’000 liters with options for higher volumes


Contact us and we will help you to choose the most suitable water solution for your office or restaurant.
You need water pipes and electricity in the area where you want water dispenser installed.

Yes, when you buy one of our dispensers, everything is included during the first year. Contact us for more information.





Most of the problems can be solved by phone. If we still have to come, we promise to be with you within 48 hours.

You reach our customer service via online chat or by calling us on the number below.

Every six months for PRO use and every year for HOME use.

The service contract is included the 1st year and can be extended from 54 euros/month.

We are happy to help you with instructions for how you change the CO2. Just call and we will explain. It is really very simple. Every six months, when we do our service, we leave an extra CO2 bottle. If you still need help, we will come out to you for a symbolic fee.

It is very important to keep the water dispenser hygienic. The engineering technology of our water systems provides advanced protection and prevents the formation of germs along inner pipes. When water systems are placed into sensitive areas, BE WTR offers dedicated solutions such as incoming water ultrafiltration with anti-germ barrier, outgoing water UV disinfection and touch-less control, bringing hygiene at the highest level.

At BE WTR we are proud to contribute to a sustainable future. Our water solution helps you say no to plastic bottles, transports and waste. To optimize our transport, and reduce our carbon footprint, we always leave a second bottle at your place. When we do have to drive, we always apply ECO-driving. Our technicians plan their routes to be as efficient and short as possible. The BE WTR filters we use are made in a sustainable way and we make sure to always recycle them. All our dispensers, filters and bottles are largely produced within the EU region. BE WTR supports the initiative 1% for the Planet and in each market, we are engaged in local water projects. Read more here.

  • Local & sustainable

    No plastic, no waste, no transport

  • Filtered & Unlimited

    Great-tasting, chilled, still & sparkling

  • All inclusive

    One price fits all-system and service