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BE WTR - All-included for you and the planet
Guiding you through our designs and helping you pick out the right model, including technical tips and tricks. We take care of the whole installation and provide a 360-degree support.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Hygiene checks on your dispenser and maintenance jobs carried out once to twice per year - according to your needs - for total peace of mind.
All the components and consumables your system needs. We take care of checking CO2 bottles, replenishing stock levels, changing filters, and handling all recycling.
When you hook up with BE WTR, it’s for life. Your system comes with a lifetime supply of after-sales care and a rock-solid warranty. Our all-inclusive system frees up time for you to focus on what you do best – while we do the same. We’re committed to providing you with lifetime service from the moment you embark on your BE WTR journey. And the care we pour into the environment is here to stay, too.
  • Local & sustainable

    No plastic, no waste, no transport

  • Filtered & Unlimited

    Great-tasting, chilled, still & sparkling

  • All inclusive

    One price fits all-system and service