The environmental cost of plastic bottles consumption

26 September 2021, 21:34 GMT
By The Guardian

A recent study from July 2021 run on the population of Barcelona, shows the cost of bottled water vs tap water.

On natural resources, it is 3,500 times higher and 1400 times higher on ecosystems than tap water. “Research led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) found that if the city’s population were all to drink bottled water, this would result in 3,500 times higher cost of resource extraction than if they all drank tap water.”

Did you know? In order to produce a single bottle of water, we need at least 33cl of oil and about 3 liters of water. Switch to an innovative approach to hydration while incorporating planet-friendly technology and design – that’s also the BE WTR philosophy.

Read the full article here: The Guardian

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