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Smart design water dispensers

A choice of beautiful, functional, hygienic dispensers with adapted capacity to fit any use, from small office to high volume restaurant.

The sparkling expert

BRITA® Vivreau Sodamaster 34 & 70 is the sparkling expert with 2 sparkling levels and 2 capacity levels to fit your needs. Optimal hygiene thanks to the special Thermal Germ Barrier technology. View product
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Red Dot Design Tap

BRITA® Vivreau ViTap 60 is a design award winner, a multifunctional water dispenser ideal for offices and conference rooms - with hot water feature. View product

For food Professionals

BRITA® Vivreau Bottler 180 is the powerful bottling system especially designed for hospitality and catering environments such as restaurants, cafes, hotels. View product

The four-in-one

BRITA® Vivreau Select 15 makes your kitchen become a BE WTR station with chilled and sparkling filtered water on top of unfiltered ambient and warm. View product
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Floor and table top

BRITA® Vivreau Top 50 & 85 is the dispenser for public and multi-users environments with Thermal Gate™ disinfection and HygienePlus protection. View product
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Full warranty & service

Our service model is simple: all is covered, no surprises. Your rental and service contract include full warranty, regular filter and CO2 bottle changes, plus filter recycling.

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BE WTR gives back. By choosing BE WTR, you also promote local and sustainable water.

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