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Water with style, water with meaning,
Water that is freshly bottled & sealed on-site.

BE WTR introduces the BiG project: an innovative solution for the hospitality industry to reduce carbon footprint while ensuring a high customer experience. Made in Europe, this compact on-site bottling system is connected to the local water network. Providing great-tasting water, still or sparkling, in an encapsulated, branded glass bottle.

At BE WTR, we help build a more sustainable future by providing sustainable hydration solutions for people, companies, and Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes (HoReCa). We are the first sustainable premium water brand helping you to say no to plastic, no to waste and no to transport. At BE WTR we value your local water as the best sustainable solution to hydration.


BE WTR BiG is a compact on-site automatised bottling (self-operated or outsourced by BE WTR) for large venue hotels, replacing single-use platic bottles for in-rooms or conference rooms needs. To ensure the highest standards of hygiene and excellency we work with the leader of the sector: R. Bardi.

How it works

  • 01Inspection
  • 02Cleaning
  • 03Filling
  • 04Capping
  • 05Expiry date
  • 06Ready


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